Dharma Sansad 2

Second Dharma Sansad

It was convened in Udupi (Karnataka) on 31 October and 01 November 1985. Its inaugural session was presided over by Jagadguru Madhwacharya Pujya Swami Vishweshtirth Maharaj. The key-note address was delivered by Brahmalin Sant Pujya Swami Chinmayanand Maharaj, Sandipani Sadhanalaya, Mumbai. More than 851 Saints and Dharmacharyas hailing from the whole country participated in this Sansad.

Note-worthy Activities:

While re-iterating the resolve to make the Hindu society vibrant, strong and powerful; and extending full support to the issue of temple construction on Shriram Janmabhumi, it was decided that if the lock placed on the Shriram temple is not removed by ensuing Shivaratri, a country-wide movement would be undertaken. A Committee comprising of 34 Dharmacharyas from all the provinces for the direction of Shriram Janmabhumi Mukti Andolan was formed.

Resolutions Passed:

Following resolutions were passed :

  1. Devotthan Ekadashi be celebrated as Ekatmata Diwas for perpetual consolidation of National Unity and Integrity and it should be accepted and observed as a National Day.
  2. Sanskrit Language, Spirituality and Yoga Education should be made compulsory in all the schools.
  3. A campaign be undertaken for eradication of the evil practices in the society like untouchability, corruption and dowry. Dharmacharyas, Mathadheeshas, Sant-Mahatmas etc. should come forward and extend their support in this regard.
  4. All the classes of people should be linked with the work of upliftment of our Vanavasis, Girivasis and neglected brethren below the lowest line of normal sustenance, so that a sense of confidence would be awakened among them to think that they too are the part and parcel of Hindu society.
  5. An International Hindu Hostel should be started in Bharat to impart Hindu Sanskars and education of Hindu Sanskriti to the foreign-based Hindu students. A World Hindu Centre also should be established along with the plan for the hostel, wherefrom the religious activities be controlled for the benefit of the foreign-based Hindus.
  6. If Pope is arriving in Bharat for giving encouragement to any particular community, then it is better to cancel his political invitation. It would be proper for him to come to Bharat in his capacity as a religious head.
  7.  [a] Shriram Janmabhumi, Shrikrishna Janmasthan and Kashi Vishwanath temple : these three places be immediately handed over to Hindu society.[b] A country-wide campaign should be undertaken, if the Uttar Pradesh Govt. does not acquire Shriram Janmabhumi and hand it over to Shri. Ramanandacharya.
  8. Dharmacharyas should come out of their Mutt-Mandirs and strive for making Bharat, as Vishwa Guru [world master] by humanising the man for human welfare and world peace.

Important Achievement:

  • Govt opened the lock before the date fixed for opening the lock.