Social Service

SEVA Overview

SEVA is one of the fundamental bases of Bharatiya Sanskriti, which is famous in the world for its great ideals, noble principles, lofty character, and classic literature. ‘SEVA’ is the immortal message of Bharatiya Vichardhara pervaded throughout the endless horizon from times immemorial. ‘SEVA’ is the main feature, the key point, and the essential merit of Bharatiya Samajik Chetna…


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All India activity

Hindu dharma, which is prehistoric and comes to us through revelation – the Ved – is without a beginning and without an end. Sewa Parmo Dharma( service is the highest duty) is the fountainhead of this Bharateetya Sanskriti, the home of the Ved, which believes that service to mankind is the way to serve the Almighty; religious rituals and other outward manifestations, even if important, take a secondary role.


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