Dharma Sansad 5

Fifth Dharma Sansad :

This was convened in Rani Jhansi Stadium, Keshavapuram, Delhi on 30-31 October 1992. Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swamy Vasudevananda Saraswati Maharaj presided over the inaugural session. Shri Ashok Singhal, the then Secretary-General of VHP delivered the introductory speech. About 5,000 Sants participated in this Dharma Sansad. Acharya Ramanath Suman, Convener, Kendriya Margadarshak Mandal anchored the proceedings. Shri. Raghunandan Prasad Sharma took down the notes of the proceedings and published the same in a book form later on.

Note-worthy work

It was decided to begin the continuous Karsewa for the construction of Shriram Mandir at Ayodhya from 06 December 1992.

Resolutions passed

A following nine resolutions were passed :

  1. Tributes were paid in the sacred memory of the martyrs, who had led down their lives for establishing valour, self-prosperity, and self-respect by removing the symbol of defeat, the prosperity of the enemies and slavery in Ayodhya on 02 November 1990.
  2. Pronouncement of the beginning of the Karsewa once again in the premises of Shriram Janmabhumi on December 06, 1992.
  3. An appeal by Sants and Dharmacharyas to all the determined Karsewaks to be present in Ayodhya at the scheduled time as per the plan of Swabhiman Raksha Abhiyanz of re-starting Shri Ram Karsewa.
  4. With a view to being alert towards the efforts of Congress agents of emaciating the organised power of the Sants associated with the sacred cause of rejuvenation of Shriram Janmabhumi temple, an appeal was made to Pujya Dharmacharyas of all Sampradayas to maintain their united strength as strong as ever.
  5. It was demanded to immediately withdraw the special privileges extended by the Central Govt. to backward and exploited Hindu brethren even after they are converted to other religions, by terming this discriminatory decision as paving the way for disintegration and destruction of the Hindu society.
  6. One-sided and bad policies adopted by the State-Govts. like banning the religious processions of Hindus in particular localities or routes in our own country in a bid to appease the minorities was condemned and a demand was made for stringent action against the mischievous and anarchic elements.
  7. While calling for a total ban on cow-slaughter in the entire country, it was demanded that the Al – Kabir slaughterhouse be banned immediately.
  8. The Rashtrapati was requested to immediately put his seal and signature on the bill banning the cow-slaughter totally passed by the Uttar Pradesh Govt. and a proposal of renaming Allahabad and Faizabad as Prayagraj and Saket respectively.
  9. Govt. was requested to prohibit the sale of meet, beef, liquor, etc. on the sacred Hindu Parvas like Ram Navami, Janmashtami, Shivaratri, Buddha Jayanti, Mahaveer Jayanti, etc.

Significant Achievement

As a result of non-stop Karsewa began on 06 December 1992, the structure that was built 468 years back was reduced to dust on that very day. The entire country celebrated Deepavali with full delight and joy.