Dharma Sansad 7

Seventh Dharma Sansad

It was convened at Panchavati Chowk, New Delhi on 16-17 November 1996. The inaugural session was presided over by Pujya Madhwacharya Swami Vishweshtirth Maharaj and introductory speech was delivered by Shri. Ashok Singhal. About 3,000 Saints took part in this Sansad.

Note Worthy Activities

An Oath was taken in the Session to maintain purity, continuity and unmitigability of Ganga Mata.

Meaning of the Oath :-

  • So long as this Bharatvarsha lives, so long there is life in me, I shall not allow to parch the path (stream) of Bhagirathi.
  • I am the Bhakta of Bhagirathi and I aspire to bathe in the source of Ganga. I shall never tolerate any bondage of this Ganga.
  • So long there is life in me, I shall never allow any Dam to be constructed on Ganga. This is my resolve; this is my solemn determination.
  • I shall make the Muktidatri, Bhuktidatri and Shreya-Pradayini (bestower of liberation, sustenance; and material welfare and spiritual attainment) Ganga totally free from pollution of all types.
  • I shall not allow (any one) to destroy Ganga, who adores the head of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of Kamadeva, who removes the miseries and afflictions of all the people in a moments time and who flows from the highest mountainous peaks.

Resolutions Passed

Following Resolutions were passed :

01. An appeal was made to all the public to join the Ganga Bachao Abhiyan to be undertaken from Gangotri to Ganga Sagar under the directions of the Saints and Dharmacharyas.

02. All the Dharmacharyas present in the session and rest of the Gow-Bhakta public were requested to be prepared for all types of sacrifices and to keep incessantly struggling till the goal is not reached.

03. Muslim leaders with alien tendencies were insisted to give up their claim over Shriram Janma- bhumi, Shrikrishna Janmasthan and Kashi Vishwanath Mandir and the Hindu masses and Saints were appealed to be ready for any type of sacrifice till we retrieve these places.

04. Womenfolk were requested to force Akashvani and Doordarshan to modify their consumerist policies without any loss of time for preventing the cultural pollution being created by the public medias by depicting the women merely as the embodiment of pleasure-hunt.

05. All brothers in the society were insisted to get going in the sacred task of Samajik Samarasata by organising all the people and the Pujya Saints and Dharmacharyas were requested to guide the society by taking up particular activities amid the backward segments of our society.

06. Compatriots were insisted upon to use only indigenous articles for their routine use, even if they are some what inferior in quality as compared to the foreign goods; and the producers and manufacturers of the indigenous good were requested to manufacture their articles as per the world standards.

07. Central and State Govts. were requested to pass an enactment to declare conversion as a cognizable crime to prevent anti-national campaign of conversion and to keep a strict vigil over the flow of foreign funds for this purpose. The Saints and Dharmacharyas were requested to create cordial relations amid all segments of the society by bringing social harmony to dispel anti-national atmosphere.

08. The Saints and Dharmacharyas cautioned the Govt. against the introduction of a bill in the parliament for providing reservation to the convert Christians Dalits also, on par with Hindu Dalits.

Jagadguru Swami Satyanand proposed a similar resolution along with another resolution whereby the Kerala Govt. was asked to immediately implement the Harivarshanam project in Kerala and not to give approval to certain bills pertaining the Scheduled Tribes passed by the Kerala Govt.

09. Saints and Dharmacharyas appealed to the Hindu society to participate in the programmes to control the ever growing population of the country by observing moderation in their lives and protect themselves from the sin of female foeticide by accepting the principle of equality of boys and girls.

10. Govt. was prevailed upon to pass an enactment to construct a grand temple at Shrikrishna Janmasthan to implement the predictions of Devaraha Baba by condemning the Govt for insulting the Saints and the visiting pilgrims at Shrikrishna Janmabhumi in Mathura, which was converted virtually into a police Camp in the name of security.

11. Govt. was requested to ensure removal of Chinese army from Tibet, declare Tibet as a Peace and non-violence zone and make Kailas Manas Sarovar pilgrimage free from any restrictions and provide all facilities to this Yatra.

12. The tendency of depicting Hindu gods and goddesses in nude and vulgar form by Maqbul Fida Hussain and those extending him support in the name of freedom of expression was strongly condemned.

13. While expressing its concern over the ever declining Hindu values of life, the Saints and dharmacharyas were requested to protect the treasure of Arya traditions by issuing proper guidelines to the society.

14. While deprecating the governmental tendency to acquire the Hindu religious places and Mutt- Mandirs and keeping an eagle’s eye on the divine incomes, they were requested to liberate the Mutt-Mandirs from the governmental stranglehold and hand them over to a Devasthan Board comprising of the Dharmacharyas of the relevant Sampradayas.

15. A resolution was passed condemning the action of the then Governor Shri. Romesh Bhandari on 09 November 1996 of abolition of the Special Development Authority set up for improving the ar- rangements of roads, gutters, electricity in the city of Ayodhya and linking the development of Ayodhya to the Faizabad Development Authority.

17. The Adhishthatas of Mutt-Mandirs, Acharyas, Mahantas as also the devout Hindu society were requested to run the Anna Kshetras in their respective areas, so that none in the country remains hungry for want of food.

Important Achievement

Proclamation of various other programmes along with the “Ganga Yatra to be taken out from Kolkata to Prayag for creating public awakening against the Tihri Dam and also to keep Ganga totally free from pollution.