Dharma Sansad 8

Eighth Dharma Sansad

This was convened at Ahmedabad in a specially erected Ravidas Nagar on 6-7 February 1999. Pujya Jagadguru Shankaracharya Jyotish Peethadhishwar Swami Vasudevanand Maharaj and Shri. Ashok Singhal delivered the introductory speech.

Note-worthy Activity

It was decided to create a country-wide public awakening by the Saints and Dharmacharyas for preventing the conversion of the Hindus.

Resolutions Passed

01. While expressing its concern over the conversion of Hindus by the Christians through allurements, terror and pressure, which is not only illegal, but also unconstitutional. A demand was made that the Central Govt. should issue a white paper on the anti-Bharat activities of the foreign church by requesting it to stop all foreign aid being sent to them and banning all the activities by churches.

02. Pujya Saints, Dharmacharyas and society were requested to bring amity and affinity in Hindu society by dispelling all types of inequalities from it. The social disdain and untoucheability could be eradicated and permanent social harmony established only through the expansion of Hindu consciousness. Dharmacharyas of all the Sampradayas are competent for this task.

03. The Dharma Sansad warned the state governments that if they do not arrange for handing over the acquired Mutt-mandirs to the concerned Dharmacharyas and Hindu Samaj by liberating them from the government control and forsaking the wrong policy of governmentalisation of the Hindu Mutt-Mandirs, then the Sant Shakti in the country in particular and Hindu masses in general would be forced to undertake a country-wide agitation for this purpose.

04. While expressing its deep concern over dependence of Bharatiya economy over the foreign coun tries and ever growing influence of the foreign multi-national companies, the Dharma Sansad appealed the people to re-kindle the Swadeshi Consciousness once fired by Tilak-Gandhi etc., which appears to be dormant now.

05. While expressing its dissatisfaction and concern over the destruction of Gau-Mata, which has been the very life of Hindu Samaj and Hindu Dharma, the Dharma Sansad insisted upon the Central and State governments to become active in developing the cattles by establishing a separate Ministry for cow-rearing, cow-conservation.

06. While expressing its deep concern over the spiritual, Dharmic and cultural crises arising out of mis-management of Ganga, the Dharma Sansad insisted upon Central and State Govts. to prepare a plan for prevention all the factors contributing to the pollution of Ganga stream by immediately giving up the shortsighted scheme of Tihri Dam in its home grounds viz. Himalaya itself.

07. While expressing its concern over the dangerous impact of consumerist mentalities in the Bharatiya community and humankind at large, it was appealed to implement every single point in the Hindu Agenda of the VHP considering it as essential to spread of Hindu Sanskar and Hindu conscious ness for prosperity and progress of humanity.

08. The Dharma Sansad requested all Dharmacharyas to participate in the Yatra proposed to be taken out from Patna Sahib to Anandpur Sahib with a view to celebrate the Tercentenary Celebrations on the occasion of completion of 300 years for the founding of ‘Khalsa Panth’ by Guru Govind Singhji for protecting Hindu Dharma and community.

09. While considering the resolve of Hindu Samaj to construct a magnificent Mandir on Shriram Janmabhumi in Ayodhya as firm and unalterable and welcoming the decision of the Parishad to extend full co-operation to the Akhada Parishad in this task; also reiterating its resolve to liberate Shri- krishna Janmasthan and Kashi Vishwanath Mandir like Shriram Janmabhumi, the Dharma Sansad made an announcement that the Hindu Dharmacharyas and Saints would continue to co-operate with the VHP and entire Hindu society.

10. While appealing to Saint Shakti of Bharat for the wholesome transformation of entire Hindu society that has been already battered and slackened on account of the conspiracies of international Christian and Islamic expansionism and its own inner deformities, it was insistted to join the mission by adopting one State / Anchal / district / Taluka as a field of their activities.

Significant Achievement

It was appealed to implement every single point in the Hindu Agenda of the VHP, considering it as essential to spread of Hindu Sanskar and Hindu consciousness for all-round prosperity and progress of the humanity.