Report Of VHP Silver Jubilee Celebration

The passage of 25 years time period between August 29, 1964 and August 23, 1989 of the functioning of VHP has occasioned its silver jubilee celebrations. It was decided that these celebrations be held at Sandeepani Sadhanalaya, Pawai itself where the Parishad was founded on 29thAug.1964.

Nearly fifteen thousand persons were invited to participate in the celebrations. Hindu minded members belonging to the Indian merchants chambers and those of the Hare Krishna (ISKCON) Society and the Arya Samaj; VHP workers and people belonging to the RSS family took part in the various programmes connected with the ceremony. The invitation letter itself contained the description of the progress made by the Parishad in its organisation and functioning during the said 25 year period. Prominent workers of all the above mentioned institutions were informed about the various programmes of the Silver Jubilee ceremony. Nearly 500 workers attended the programmes which were to be a complete success.

Sri Hari Atmaram Ji and Sri Krishna Kumar Ji were the twin managers of the programme. Sri Shantibhai Somayya was the Chief Guest. Among the main speakers were Mananiya Balasaheb Deoras, Mananinya Moropant Ji Pingale and Sri Swami Purushottamanand Ji.

Sri Hari Atmaram Ji delineated the background of the programme before the main speakers delivered their speeches. The list of these speeches is as follows:

M.A. Balasaheb Deoras

Not only in Bharat but also in the world at large an atmosphere conducive to Hinduism is building up these days. This has enhanced the influence of Hinduism all round. Taking advantage of this atmosphere and influence the workers should strive to strengthen the Hindu ideology in the society .He said not only in Bharat but in foreign countries also large functions are being organised by the Hindus. In this connection he referred to the Vishal Hindu Sammelan being held by the VHP at London.

Ma. Deoras Ji further said that in this very Ashram on Janmashtami day 25 years ago VHP was founded under the chairmanship of Poojya Swami Chinmayanand Ji. Many a learned person like Parampoojaniya Sri M.S. Golwalkar, Sri Kanahialal Maniklal Munshi and Sant Tukadoji Maharaj had graced the occasion by their presence. The Manthan of their ideas produced the amrit in the form of the VHP. And this day also the VHP is functioning vigorously as per the path laid down by them. VHP has branches in all the provinces of the country . It are functioning well abroad also. Referring to the need of making its working more effective he mentioned that there was no dearth of funds available to the Parishad, the only thing lacking was the continually working selfless workers. He regretted that in such a vast country people are not coming forward for advancing such a noble and unique work. Because of this deficiency the Parishad has not been able to expand its work to the desired extent.

Talking about the aims and objects and the programme of the Parishad, Ma. Deoras Ji said that Parishad was mainly working for awakening of the Hindu Samaj for unifying and organising the Hindus and to bring in a change in the life style of the Hindu society. He pointed out that many evils have crept into the present day Hindu society. We have to delve deep and strive vigorously to remove them.

Regaarding the construction of the temple at the place of birth of Shri Ram he said that the poojan of Shri Ram Shilas and the programme of laying the foundation (i.e. the Shilanyas) of the temple are aptly desirable from the point of view of having pride for our ancient culture and also for generating esteem for it. All the Hindus should contribute towards it bodily and with their mind and money. From our old and ancient things, one should accept the good ones and reject the bad ones. The family system of the Hindus is something astonishing for the people of the world. They marvel, at the fact that even the poorest Hindu lives his life with full bliss and tranquillity. Even though he is unable to avail fully the benefits of modern scientific achievements, he has his peace of mind, has a feeling of glory for his antiquity and has full faith and devotion for his dharma. Hindu Dharma has never been partial or unilateral. It has never been imperfect. It is because of this that the belief is gradually gaining ground among the people of the world that it is only the Hindu tenets and philosophy which could lead to human welfare in the present day imbalanced life and impractical situations.

Ma. Deoras Ji lauded the service projects undertaken in the Vanvasi areas and the border states by the VHP and the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. He said this was getting positive response from the local inhabitants. This had led to the slackening of proselytising by the Christian missionaries, with the result that they have become disheartened and have made a written exhortation to the Prime Minister to ban VHP.

Sri Moropantji Pingle

Describing in detail the work undertaken by the VHP since its inception in order to awaken and organise the Hindu Samaj, Man. Pingale Ji pointed out that it is the Hindu Samaj only which should come forward for protecting the Hindu values, the sacred Hindu places and the frontiers of the country. He alluded to the late Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel’s intervention for the construction of the Somnath temple. He said that though the Somnath temple got reconstructed because of his intervention but this sort of work could not get any further impetus because reconstruction work was done through the medium of the government and not because of the awakening of the Hindu society .He said the reconstruction and restoration of the revered Hindu sacred places as well as their protection should be undertaken by the society itself.

Sri Pingale Ji further said that we should get rid of the vice of not acting at the appropriate time. Whatever the job, we have a tendency to postpone and defer it at first and then to work at it and subsequently to oppose it as well. But whatever the job or task if it is performed with a resolute mind it would be completed. The Parishad has to advance on its path likewise. The Parishad has undertaken the work of protecting Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi and each one and every one of us should cooperate and collaborate in this effort, because unless the whole of the Samaj co-operates there could be difficulties in accomplishing this great task.

Swami Purushottamanandji Maharaj

The Head of the Sandipani Ashram, Swami Purushottamanand Ji while expressing his views on the present day position of the Hindu Samaj emphasised that the Hindus should not feel ashamed of calling themselves Hindus. He said that the so called educated people take pride in calling themselves atheists. We should endeavour to bring them on the right path by propagating the principles and ideology of the Hindu dharma and culture. He said that in the present context the only message of Sri Krishna Janmastami day was ‘Awaken yourself and spread the dharma’. We should all adhere to this.

Ma. Shantibhai Somayya

In his concluding remarks, Sri Somayya Ji the Chief Guest, said that for the last 25 years VHP has been trying to awaken and arouse and to knit in one common direction the Hindu society which had lost its pride and self-confidence because of the continuous aggression on it by the Mohammadens over the last hundreds of years. The Parishad has achieved unique success in bringing on a single forum the Sant Mahants and the Dharmacharyas of the various Hindu sects. But in order to render ineffective the danger looming large over the Hindu culture because of the onslaught of the alien cultures and the education imparted by the English language school. VHP should open in villages such schools as give top priority to Indian culture.

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