Hindu Agenda

With a view to retrieve the Hindu Nation engulfed in the crises and the Hindu community from its unfortunate plight, the Vishva Hindu Parishad published the following 40 point “Hindu Patheya” (literally, viaticum; but in this context Agenda) at New Delhi on 18 January 1996 and appealed to all the political parties to accept it :

01. Hindutva is synonymous with nationality and Hindu society is undisputably the main stream of Bharat. Hindu interest is the national interest. Hence the honour of Hindutva and Hindu interests should be protected at all costs.

02. Every nation has a particular name denominated to it in its Constitution. Constitutional approval should be given only to the ancient glorious, historic name of our country viz. ‘Bharat’.

03. All the Bharat-devotee Hindus living all over the world wish the construction of a magnificent Mandir on Shriram Janmabhumi in Ayodhya at the earliest possible as per the draft model appro- ved by the Sants. Hence the Janmabhumi premises be immediately transferred to ‘Shriram Janmabhumi Nyas’ through the legal process.

04. Holy premises Shrikrishna Janmasthan (Mathura) and Shri. Kashi Vishvanath Jnanvapi Mandir (Varanasi) destroyed and transformed by the foreigners should also be handed over fully to the Hindu society.

05. Killing of any animal including cow at any stage within the borders of Bharat should be declared as a stringently punishable crime by passing a strong and competent law for the purpose.

06. A separate Gow-Sewa Ministry be constituted at the Centre and states for producing abundant natural bio-fertilisers, and milk-yoghurt-butter-clarified butter etc.; for making available enormous animal-energy for the nation-wide utilisation through the bullocks also; and to establish a rural- based economy by protecting-rearing-conserving the cow and cattle of Bharatiya species.

07. Strict ban should be imposed on the nationally dangerous process of conversion of Hindus through allurements, mispropaganda and terror by taking disadvantage of the poverty and gullibility of the backward segments of Bharatiya community.

08. There should be a ban on foreign funding either in the form of finance aid or materials help to any individuals or non-governmental social, religious, service organisations, effectively prevent the conspiracy of conversions and disintegration of the country by obtaining the foreign finances and materials in some other form.

09. A Common Civil Law equally applicable to all the Bharatiya citizens should be passed to rein in the evil tendencies of polygamy and to end the inequality, imbalance, injustice and exploitation of womenfolk.

10. Ban should be imposed on foeticide in general and female foeticide in particular that give impetus for rape and women’s exploitation. Rape and women’s abduction should be declared as stringently punishable and unpardonable crimes. Similarly strict steps would be taken to end the custom of dowry.

11. Article 370 of the Constitution that spreads the myth of separating Jammu-Kashmir from Bharat should be abrogated immediately. All the preventive measures imposed on the sell-purchase-and holding of the real estates by Bharatiyas in Kashmir shall be removed.

12. All the Kashmiri refugees would be honourably rehabilitated together with their properties in the Kashmir Valley and the afflicted families would be compensated adequately. Effective security arrangements would be provided to them.

13. Any movement that demand separation either of Kashmir or any other part of Bharat or indulges in violent activities would be ruthlessly suppressed.

14. Terrorism is the most tortuous problem for all the compatriots. Hence very stringent and widely effective steps should be taken by the Govt to uproot it from inside the country and outside too.

15. All the special rights bestowed upon the minorities in our Constitution should be made available to all segments of the society, whereby social inequalities could be removed.

16. Sanskrit that has been universally accepted as a rich and most scientific language of Bharat would be made a compulsory subject in the educational curriculum.

17. Mother tongues would be made compulsory for the Primary education.

18. Education in Bharatiya culture and Dharma would be made compulsory.

19. The status of second state language accorded to Urdu language written in a foreign script in some states shall be cancelled.

20. The present distorted form of the Bharatiya social and cultural history and archaeology would be got re-written by the patriotic historians and archaeologists and the curriculum would be modified according to it.

21. Singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ in every educational institutions daily would be compulsory.

22. Pujan-Archan in Mutt-Mandirs, and religious constructional activities would be treated as ‘chari- table’ and they would be given income-tax concessions.

23. Those who would be paying a definite portion of tax, it would be allotted to various religious and charitable activities according to their desire.

24. All possible efforts would be made to develop Ayurved and other Bharatiya health systems and all out arrangements would be made on a large scale for their propagation and promotion.

25, The pilgrim centres, Mutt-Mandirs and Ashrams should be freed from the governmental control and interference and they should be handed over to an autonomous bodies.

26. Pilgrim centres would be made tax-free. A Tirthatan Development Ministry would be constituted on the central as also on the state levels to encourage to make them more easy, comfortable by developing the pilgrim centres and to protect them format and glory.

27. No governmental encouragement would be given to drinking wine etc. and non-vegetarian food. A ban would be imposed on the export of the flesh of birds and animals. Permissions granted on a very large scale granted for the establishing and running the mechanised animal slaughtering houses would be cancelled.

28. Widest possible arrangements would be made for immediate deportation of the foreign infiltrators entered into Bharat after 1 January 1970. The borders of the country would be sealed with proper security arrangements and the residents of bordering regions would be issued with identity cards for their veracity.

29. Widest possible arrangements would be made to maintain purity, cleanliness and glory of the pilgrim centres and rivers.

30. Stringent law would be passed for repressing the terrorists and treators.

31. Insulting any religion and Hindu culture, faith, convictions, traditions and reverential characters through the electronic media and print media would be treated as an offence and it would be enforced strictly.

32. The National Economic Policy should be based on Swadeshi and Self-Reliance.

33. It is the moral responsibility of the Govt. of Bharat to protect the religious and cultural rights of NRIs in the neighbouring and far-off countries; and to develop their religious and cultural relations.

34. Every NRI would be treated as citizen of Bharat.

35. All the names imposed by the foreign aggressors by removing the glorious original names of ancient and historic cities of the country and their ancient names would be given currency. The same principle would be adopted in respect the names of the roads also.

36. National holiday would be announced on important Hindu Parvas.

37. Facilities available to Hindu Scheduled Castes would not be extended to the converts.

38. Places of Worship (Special Provision) Act 1991 would either be amended or rescinded on the basis of unambiguous historic, literary and archaeological facts.

39. All the differentiating bodies like Minorities Commissions and similar other organisations would be wound up.

40. No permission would be given for recruitment to the Army, Para-Military forces and Police force on communal basis.