Important Resolutions Passed By The Vishva Hindu Parishad At Prayag


Resolution: Constitution of Subcommittee
Resolution: Greeting Hindus Abroad
Resolution: Facilities for learning Sanskrit abroad
Resolution: Sanskrit learning compulsory in Middle Schools
Resolution: Convening of Vidvat Parishad
Resolution: Reconversion
Resolution: Request to respect other sects
Resolution: Temples and Maths
Resolution: Condolence

Resolution: Condolence

Resolution: Ban on Cow-Slaughter
Hindus: The Instructors of Mankind


RESOLUTION: Constitution of Subcommittee

1. This conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad assembled on the sacred banks of Holy Triveni, believing as it does that, from time immemorial, Hindu culture and religion have been based on a profound realisation of (the pervasiveness and immanence of the) one Supreme Being in all creation and on the universal and comprehensively tolerant objective of the Hindu creed and way of life, emphasises and proclaims the necessity and importance of national and international solidarity founded on the immutable principles of Rita and Dharma as enunciated by our Rishis and Sages.

This Parishad accordingly resolves that a permanent body entitled “The Vishva Hindu Parishad” be formed to implement the above objectives and thus to integrate all Hindus by birth or conviction so as to understand, preserve and practise the aforementioned basic principles.

This Parishad further resolves to appoint a committee of the following gentlemen to frame a constitution for the Parishad (memorandum of Association, its rules and regulations) and to get it registered under the Societies Registration Act as soon as possible.

1. Swami Chinmayananda.

2. Shri A.G.Ramachandra Rao.

3. Shri Hardatta Rai Sugla.

4. Shri C. B. Agarwala.

5. Shri Ram Prasad Mookerjee.

6. Shri S. S. Apte.

RESOLUTION: Greeting Hindus Abroad

2.This conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad sends cordial greetings and good wishes to Hindus, who have settled in Ceylon, S. E. Asia, Africa, Europe, America and the far-off islands in the great oceans, and prays for their material and spiritual growth. While expressing hope that the Vishva Hindu Parishad in course of time will help in achieving for them tangible gains, appeals to them to maintain and strengthen the contacts with Hindus in India.

RESOLUTION: Facilities for learning Sanskrit abroad

3. It is imperative to provide facilities for learning Sanskrit to the Hindus in the country and to those settled abroad, to enable them to be informed about their Religion, Culture and Tradition and to live the Hindu way of life. This conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad resolves that representatives of the Hindus from the country and abroad should endeavour after mutual consultations, to implement the above objective.

RESOLUTION: Sanskrit learning compulsory in Middle Schools

4. This conference of the World Hindu is of the firm opinion that for the knowledge of Hindu Dharma and Culture, the learning of Sanskrit, the Mother of all languages, is indispensable. The knowledge of Sanskrit is equally essential for the growth of all Indian languages. Therefore, the Parishad appeals to the Government to make compulsory the teaching of Sanskrit at the Secondary stage of education.

RESOLUTION: Convening of Vidvat Parishad

5. It is hereby resolved that with a view to convening a Parishad of the learned and of pundits well-versed in Bharatiya Dharma Shastras so as to enable us to compile a minimum required common code of conduct and cultural guide for the Hindus staying in Bharat and abroad, who have either lost Hindu Sanskaras or who are fast losing them, a committee of eminent persons mentioned hereunder, is hereby formed with powers to co-opt others as and when necessary, be and is hereby constituted, to convene as early as possible a “Council of the Learned” to discuss and prepare a charter of ‘Hindutva’, to prescribe a common code of “Laukika” and “Daivika” conduct in conformity with our ancient heritage and in consonance with needs of the modern world. This Parishad directs that the “Council of the Learned” be called as early as possible.

1. His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shard Peeth, Dwarka.

2. His Highness Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar.

3. Dr. C. P. Ramaswami Aiyer.

4. Shri M. S. Golwalkar.

5. Shri Ram Prasad Mookerjee.

6. Swami Chinmayananda.

7. Sant Tukadoji Maharaj.

RESOLUTION: Reconversion

6. This conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad takes note of the fact that during the past several centuries many Hindus have left the folds of their forefathers due to ignorance helplessness and because of the pressure of violence, coercion and temptations exerted on them by the people of other faiths. The Parishad feels that a pressing need of the present time is assimilation and absorption, through reconversion of all such people who may desire, out of their own free will, to return to the faith of their forefathers.

RESOLUTION: Request to respect other sects

7. This conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad while acknowledging the vitality and continued validity of Dharma resolves to follow its dictates in full faith. More specifically this Parishad, recognising the historic growth of various sects and schools of thought, all of which owe allegiance to the doctrine of Rita and Dharma, recommends all Hindus to pursue their prescribed Acharas, Samskaras, beliefs, and codes of conduct, and at the same time respect all of them equally as manifestations of one, and the same Dharma, integral to and indivisible from the grand matrix of Hindu society.

RESOLUTION: Temples and Maths

8. Whereas from time immemorial, our temples, maths and ashrams have been centres for the preservation and dissemination of our Dharma and Sanskrit and where as they were for a time deprived of their usefulness and prestige through fortuitous causes, this conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad exhorts all Hindus to rally to their side again with a view to restoring them to their pristine positions of centres of usefulness to the society. To this end, they are urged to identify themselves with holy places of pilgrimage and worship, and help them recover their virtue and vitality again to enable them to become active centres of community life.

The Parishad also appeals to all administrators, custodians and trustees of these temples maths and ashrams to co-operate with the public in bringing about this transformation, restoration or reformation so that the reality of a renaissance is seen and felt In the widest community.

RESOLUTION: Condolence

9. This conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad expresses profound grief at the untimely passing away of Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the late Prime Minister of India, who steered the ship of the State with excellence in the critical times of War and Peace; through his determined efforts, washing out the past insults, he had created a pride and confidence in the hearts of our countrymen; He endeavoured very hard to bring about closer understanding amongst the human beings so as to avoid the conflicts and to preserve peace. He lost his life while striving hard to achieve this objective at Tashkent, and strained himself physically as well as mentally which resulted in his untimely demise. He sacrificed himself at the altar of peace. The whole country and good men the world over, mourn his death.

While praying the Almighty to rest the departed soul in eternal peace, this conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad expresses its profound grief and sends very sympathetic condolences to the bereaved family.

RES0LUTION: Condolence

10. In the last few days, two tragic events have taken place in our country, causing a great loss to the Hindu Samaj. The well-known Saint and founder of Mira Mission Sadhu T. L. Waswani, has given up his mortal coils. While expressing sympathetic consolations to his disciples and paying tribute to the departed soul, this conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad, prays the Almighty so that Hindu Samaj is blessed to progress on the Right Path through the teachings of Sadhu T. L. Waswani. His soul has become one with the all-pervading ‘Parmatma’. It would be impertinent to pray for the peace of the departed soul. Let his revered memory inspire us to achieve success in our great task.

RESOLUTION: Ban on Cow-Slaughter

11. This conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad urges the Government of India to impose a uniform ban on cow slaughter throughout the country in deference to the sentiments of Hindus as also to give proper respect to the reverence and sanctity which the Cow enjoys in the Hindu mind.

The Parishad at the same lime exhorts Hindus to translate their feelings of piety for the Cow by endeavouring zealously to serve, protect and multiply the cattle- wealth by cultivating ‘Goraksha’ as a duty and not sTop at merely worshipping her as mother.


Mr. Elphinstone says: In the composition of tales and fables they (Hindus) appear to have been the instructors of the rest of mankind.

Geeta Govindi is the finest extant specimen of Hindu Lyric Poetry, and it is difficult to find in any language lyrics that can vie with it in melody and grace. Mr. Griffith says: The exquisite melody of the verse can only he appreciated by those who can enjoy the original’

Schlegel says: “Tender delicacy of feeling and elegiac love cast a halo over Indian poetry,’ and “the whole is recast in the mould of harmonious softness and is redolent of elegic sweetness.”