262 Prominent personalities requests SC to take steps against Hate speech by Udainidhi Stalin

Press Release:
New Delhi. Sept. 5, 2023. Deeply concerned by the hate speech made by the Sports and Youth affair minister and son of the chief minister of Tamilnadu shri Udayanidhi Stalin, 262 prominent personalities of the country today sent a letter to the Hon. Chief Justice of Bharat.
The letter requesting the chief Justice says that “since the State Govt. has refused to take action and acted in contempt of the Court’s order and gravely undermined or rather made a mockery of the rule of law, we urged the Hon’ble Supreme Court to take Suo Moto notice of contempt”. They also requested the court for “ensuring accountability for the inaction of the State Govt. of Tamilnadu, and take decisive steps to prevent the inducement of hate speech, preserving public order and peace”.
The letter is signed by 14 former Judges, 130 bureaucrats (Including 20 ambassadors) and 180 veteran Army officers had requested to ‘take Immediate appropriate actions’ to ‘ensure justice and rule of law to prevail’.
It is pertinent to note that the Tamilnadu Minister Mr Udayanidhi Stalin has said in his speech that “Few things cannot be opposed, they should be abolished. We can’t oppose dengue, Malaria, or Corona, we have to eradicate them. In the same way, we have to eradicate the Sanatana (Sanatan Dharma), rather than oppose it”. He further remarked deliberately that “Sanatana Dharma enslaved women and did not allow them to step out of their homes”.
A copy of the letter along with a detailed list of its signatories is attached herewith.